Monday, August 06, 2012

Web Design Principles part 1

If you are a store based retailer then youhave many, many generations of knowledge and experience to draw on and certain principle are well known.
1. Target group
Understanding your market and why they shop with you – brand, price, convenience, location etc. – is crucial.
2. Create an experience not just a building
The whole store from the entrance to the fixtures used for display has to comeacross as one entity. You have to create an experience,
with a bold statement, making the centrepiece of the store an atrium or some other visual cue that fits the brandand draws you in and around.
3. Ease of shopping
The store is created for the customer, it has to be easy to access, navigate and simple to understand. Space needs to be efficiently and effectively used so that display, services, storage and customer movement are integrated. A retail store is organized by the context in which people use the products with for example cameras, photo printers and image software together so that customers can dream about possibilities.
4. Prioritize messages
Any packages, signs and promotional material are important but customers can only take in so many so focusing on the messages that count is crucial.
5. Focus on display
The primary focus within the store has to be the product or the merchandise. Visibility of products plays a crucial role in encouraging the purchase decision.
6. Flexibility
Stores have to be adaptable as retailers must think how to cope with ever changing consumer needs.
7. Making a purchase
In one sense this is the whole point! Well trained staff who act as if the purchase is not the end of the relationship but the beginning are crucial as is product knowledge and any out of store marketing.
Well, it’s not so different on the web as browsers’ habits online aren’t that different from customers’ habits in a store. In both cases people glance, scan and go to what catches their interest or vaguely resembles the thing they’re looking for.

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