Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What's the Best Way to Get DoFollow Links?

Being that search engines are getting
smarter than ever, they're also more
able to notice patterns. That includes
you creating multiple accounts on
free blog or social bookmarking sites,
for the sake of gaming backlinks to
your own sites. Long gone are the
days where Google doesn't notice
that your one bookmarking account
happens to have multiple links to
multiple websites you own.
Do You Deserve Them?
To get a quality DoFollow link, your
site has to be quality. Building links is
best done when others do it for you.
That's why things go viral or get so
much attention - they were worthy
enough of getting 10,000+ backlinks
in a single day. That's usually more
backlinks than most webmasters get
in an entire year of manufacturing
backlinks the hard way.
Ask, and Ye (Might) Receive
Another popular and highly
successful method is to contact
bloggers or webmasters in your niche
and simply ask them for a link. Or,
ask to be a guest blogger for the sole
sake of getting a link to your site.
Perhaps, you can also meet others in
message boards (reviewers, authors,
professors, enthusiasts, topic experts
or anyone else) who run websites in
your niche, who might be willing to
reference your site in their content.
Here's another idea: search the
internet for the keyword you really
want to rank for - "antique clocks,"
or whatever. Look at who is ranking
in the top 5, and consider contacting
those people to ask for a link to your
site, which also talks about the topic
in-depth. By getting a link from their
site (which was obviously deemed
"important" enough by search
engines to be ranking in the top 5),
you're not only getting the possibility
of a quality DoFollow link, but maybe
some of the traffic will stray from
their site to yours, as well.
This is truly the best way to score a
great DoFollow backlink.
Diplomacy is Necessary
As you may have imagined, many
people get annoyed when others ask
them for backlinks - I'm one of those
people ;) So, you'll have to get
around it somehow. Get to know that
webmaster by participating on their
site in a meaningful way. Once it gets
to a comfortable level, ask for the
link. Or, you can just cut to the chase
and say "I've really been working
hard on my site - I'd appreciate it
greatly if you could stop by
sometime" and offer their
interactivity on your site. Then, give
them a backlink. Undoubtedly, they
are using Google Analytics or similar,
and will notice this. The favor is
typically returned.

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